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Placement tests

Placement tests are the basis of Linguapop. They are used to assess the language skills of your candidates.

The final result of every placement test is a candidate's rating, which translates to a level according to the CEFR.

In the placement tests sidebar menu, you will find all placement tests under your organization.

By clicking on a placement test, you will open the placement test details screen:

If a placement test is completed, the candidate's rating and final CEFR Level will be displayed, alongside a graphical representation of their placement.

The candidate's CEFR level is based on their use-of-language skills.

If you also tested a candidate's reading and listening skills, a score (out of 5) will be displayed next to Reading and Listening. This is the number of correct answers your candidate answered.

Reading and Listening excersises are given to candidates based on their assessed CEFR level, and should be used to further determine where to place the candidate.

You can use the graph together with the results of the Reading and Listening excercises to get a good picture of which level your candidate belongs to.

All placement tests

This is a list of all placement tests ever started.

Placement tests in progress

This is a list of placement tests that have been started, but are not completed.

Candidates can leave a placement test and return to it at any time - all progress is saved.

However, no intermediate results are shown - you can only see results once a placement test has been completed.

Completed placement tests

This is a list of all placement tests that have been successfully completed.

Accessing any of the placement tests in this list will give you the results of that placement test.

Stale placement tests

This is a list of placement tests that are started (invitation accepted), but haven't been completed within 7 days.

You can use this list to remind candidates to finish their placement test.