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Organization users

When you register for Linguapop, you become the admin of your organization.

As an organization admin you can add users to your organization.

In the Organization users screen, you see a list of all users in your organization.

Create a user

You can add a user to your organization by clicking the Create button in the top-right of your Organization users screen.

In the Create organization user screen, you will have to set:

  • the user's email
  • the user's full name
  • the user's password
  • whether the user is an organization admin

Clicking on Save creates an account for your user and sends them an email with login details.

The user will have to verify their email the first time they log in.


An Organization admin can edit vital parts of your Linguapop organization! Make sure you only assign this to trusted members of your organization.

Update a user

Clicking on a user in the Organization users list will open the Update organization user screen in which you can edit any one of your users.

You can change their email, name, password and whether they are an organization admin.

You can leave the password field empty - in that case the user's password will not be changed.

Clicking on Save will update the user's details.