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Linguapop offers you the possibility of completely white-labeling your placement tests using the Customization screen.

This way, your candidates will see your brand in the emails Linguapop sends them, and when they are completing placement tests.

You can customize every aspect of your placement test:

Here you can upload your organization's logo.

This logo will be displayed instead of Linguapop's logo within emails and placement tests.

You can upload a JPG, PNG or SVG image file. Your logo will be automatically resized to fit within a 240px by 80px box.

Changing your logo and clicking Save at the bottom of the Customization screen will also change your company logo in the sidebar.


It's best to use a logo image with a transparent background. PNG and SVG files support transparency.

Visual identity

Within this section, you can choose the primary color of the test interface, together with the rounding style of your buttons.

You can preview what the placement test will look like by clicking on the Preview placement test button.

All of your tests, both new and old, will use the settings you define within the Visual identity section.


Align your placement test's visual identity to your brand colors and logo.

Are you using square buttons on your website? Use them in the placement tests too!

Invitation email

Within this section, you can define the content of the placement test invitation email Linguapop sends to your candidates.

You can define the following:

  • Organization name - The name of your organization displayed in the title of the emails sent to candidates
  • Title - The title of the emails sent to your candidates
  • First paragraph - This paragraph is shown before the "Take placement test" button
  • Text of the button - The text of the "Take placement test" button
  • Second paragraph - This paragraph is shown after the "Take placement test" button

You can preview your customized email by clicking on the Preview email button.

Inserting the candidate's name

You can also insert the candidate's name within the Title, First paragraph, Text of the button, and Second paragraph by entering {{NAME}} where you want the name to be inserted.

For example, if your candidate's name is "John Doe", and your First paragraph is:

Hello {{NAME}},

the resulting text will be:

Hello John Doe,

Additional skills tested

Linguapop can optionally test candidate's reading and listening skills.

Here you can define whether Linguapop will test reading and/or listening skills by default.

This setting defines the default value of the Test reading skills and Test listening skills switches on the Send placement test section of your Dashboard.


The Additional skills tested setting will only be applied to invitations you send after you set it. All previous invitations will keep the old settings - the ones they were sent with from the Dashboard.

Time limit

Linguapop can optionally limit the time a candidate can spend on the Use of Language part of the test.

If a candidate leaves their test, their time spent on the test is saved, and the timer will continue counting down when they rejoin the test.


While a time limit is supported, it is not recommended.

Linguapop tests work best without a time limit, and it may impact the accuracy of the test. If you want to use a time limit, please set it to be larger than 40 minutes.


Here you can customize the behaviour of Linguapop's WhatsApp panel in the Dashboard.

  • Default country dial code sets which country's dial code is present in the phone number input by default. You can always change this inside the WhatsApp panel itself too.
  • Invitation message sets the message that precedes the invitation link that's sent via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business Messenger.

Notification email address

When in use, this email address will receive emails notifying them when a candidate completes their placement test.

Leaving it blank will simply not send email notifications.


When in use, this defines the URL to which candidates will be redirected if they decide to leave their placement test.

Set this to your organization's website in order to take candidates back to your website if they decide to leave their placement test.